Lakeshore Summit on Racism and Inclusion 2016

Starting Date: 05-17-2016

Hope College
Holland, Michigan 49422
United States
What happens when arts organizations orchestrate change by addressing the under representation of people of color in classical music performance?

What happens when governmental entities begin to understand the structures and systems that perpetuate the exclusion of communities of color?

What happens when individuals in cities and neighborhoods across the country are given the tools and training to bridge the gap between what communities envision to be possible and what is actually achieved?

What happens when people of faith connect with other people of faith to grow broader social networks that reach from their neighbors to government officials?

What happens when barriers are removed and inclusion is put into action? Find out at the 2016 Summit on Race and Inclusion when national experts present genuine examples of how intentional change transforms all lives for the better. Presenters will also offer strategies and proven best practices on how you can put inclusion into action by promoting diversity and equity in your organization, neighborhood, community, and beyond.
Geographical Scope: State


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