Northeast Regional Students' Conference for a Global Conscience

Starting Date: 04-02-2004
Ending Date: 04-05-2004

Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14850
United States
Goals: The purpose of the Conference is to educate students on issues surrounding free trade agreements, globalization and the bridges between movements. With this consciousness we will create a concrete network between students of all the student organizations in the northeast region. At the conference, people will be thinking, discussing, skills sharing, training, learning, and strategizing on issues and campaigns relating to the process of globalization.

There is a registration fee of $20 that will be collected at arrival. However, we would not want anyone to be turned away due to lack of funds. If $20 is too much we offer a sliding scale email Pilar at
and let her know you need a reduced rate. Registration is important because then we would know how much food and housing spaces to get. To register visit our website at or go directly to[]=6

Housing space will be in houses, churches and community organization space. Please indicate any special needs or requests you have when registering.

Breakfast and fair trade coffee will be provided on Saturday and Sunday. In addition, lunch will be provided on Sunday and dinner will be provided on Saturday and Sunday from local restaurants. On Saturday we will provide everyone the opportunity to go explore downtown Ithaca and support the local economy by purchasing food.

Includes the new film, "The Fourth World War" to be shown on Friday night at Cornell Cinema and a concert on Saturday night including Drop Beat Not Bombs, Location (local punk band) and Space Dawg (local blues rock band).


--email Tomer at
with regard to designing the network
or becoming a network delegate for your school
--email Glynis at
with regard to housing or transportation
--email Tina at
with regard to workshops and education


MORE? Check out the website at, the website will have updates all week.

Speakers and Organizations

Stewart Acuff, Director of Organizing for the AFL-CIO,
Medea Benjamin, Director of Global Exchange
Anna Lappe
Njoki Njoroge Njeh, Director of 50 Years is enough
Michael Parenti
Lori Wallach
Student Action with Farm workers
The Ruckus Society
Trainers: John Sellers and Nadine Bloch

Here is a tentative list of workshops.

Dirty Metals: Mining’s Impact on Communities and the Environment
Global Warming and Climate Control
Fair Trade 101
Globalization 101
AIDS advocacy
Agricultural subsidies
Militarism and the Environment
The nuclear questions, a working class view
Farm workers
Changing Trade Policies lead to Itinerant Apparel Industry
The Free Trade Agenda- NAFTA FTAA and CAFTA
Indigenous movements
Corporate responsibility: Bhopal India
Raising the minimum wage and The Living wage movement
Global Warming
Racism and the Ideology of Slavery
Radical cheer leading
Arts of protests
Non- Violent Direct Action
Art as Activism
Dream Act
Sweatshops and the Workers rights Consortium
Coca-Cola Awareness
Blue – Green Purchasing task force
Tree Free Campaign
Impacting Elections
Grassroots organizing 101
Group dynamic trainings
Coalition building
Media strategy


Geographical Scope: Regional

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