March for Our Lives

Starting Date: 08-30-2004

United Nations
45th St. & 1st Ave
New York, New York
United States
Where will you be on the opening day of the Republican National Convention?

We as students are called to march with the poor, the homeless, the unemployed and their allies as we raise our voices about economic human rights violations in the United States! The time has come to show our country and the world at large that we believe everyone has the right to health care, affordable housing, food, education, and living wage jobs.

The Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign is excited to invite students from everywhere to participate in this important event.

Why? Because people are poor in America! And the poor are consciously being made to disappear from the debates, the media, the job market and the welfare rolls. As the Republican National Convention
descends upon New York City, we will be marching to demand our economic human rights and to call
for an end to the war at home, a war that has left many of us homeless, hungry, unemployed and
without healthcare. As poor and working people of this country, we cannot afford to suffer silently as
our lives are threatened by political and economic policies that deny us our basic human rights. Both
parties – Republicans and Democrats – have abandoned the poor and working families of this nation
and so it is up to us to take our country in a new direction – one that is based in the economic human
rights to food, housing, healthcare, education and living wage jobs. United as the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, we will bring together thousands of poor people, along with students, social workers, union members, lawyers and religious leaders to make our voices heard as we March For Our Lives.
Geographical Scope: National

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