Workshop: Researching University Investments

Starting Date: 06-28-2004
Ending Date: 07-01-2004

New Haven, Connecticut 06511
United States
UnFarallon: Workshop on understanding and researching university investments
June 28-July 1, New Haven, CT

Learn how to research your university’s investments! Be part of a movement to make university investments more transparent, and more socially and environmentally responsible!

The UnFarallon coalition will be holding a four-day research training and strategy session in New Haven beginning on Monday, June 28. The workshop is intended to provide students with the tools to research university endowment investments, and to begin to assess their environmental and social impacts. Through this workshop, we aim to launch a multi-campus research effort as part of a broader movement for university investment disclosure and accountability. Participants must commit to researching and writing a brief report of a company in which Farallon Capital Management has invested university endowment funds.

Topics include:
* Exercising your right to public information: finding and using public documents about private and public university investments
* Mapping corporations: how do different kinds of corporations work? How are they structured, how are they regulated? 
* Researching the social and environmental impacts of investments
* Beyond print materials: building coalitions for change

The workshop is free of charge. Internship and independent study opportunities can be explored. Billeting (couches) will be available upon request, as will transportation to and from the New Haven train station and airport shuttle drop.

UnFarallon is a coalition of campus-based and national organizations ( promoting greater transparency and accountability in university private equity investments. In the face of increased secrecy in university investing, we have advocated for public access to information about university investments and stakeholder participation in investment decisions. Farallon Capital Management, one of the world’s largest hedge funds and a major investor for universities, has been our first focus. This spring, we launched a website documenting the social and environmental impact of several Farallon investments. We have asked Farallon managers to meet with us to discuss greater disclosure, and in April coordinated a National Day of Action in which students and alums at over 70 campuses requested information about university investments with Farallon Capital Management.

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