Northeast Mutual Aid Gathering

Starting Date: 07-09-2004
Ending Date: 07-11-2004

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
Calling all anarchists, autonomistas, anti-authoritarians, and Zapatistas!
Clear your calendars!



Friday July 9
Potluck Picnic and Movies in Clark Park
43rd and Baltimore Ave
6:30 PM

Saturday July 10
Organizing Meeting
Philadelphia Ethical Society
1906 S. Rittenhouse Square
Breakfast and Registration 9:30am
Meeting 10am

Sunday July 11
Workshops and Followup
LAVA Space
4134 Lancaster Ave.

info, housing, want to help? email:

site for the philly gathering:

About NEMA
North East Mutual Aid is an informal network of anti-capitalist
anti-authoritarians. Our purpose is to open lines of communication so that existing groups and individuals throughout the Northeast can better coordinate support for each other in our local actions and struggles.

A call for a national anticapitalist, antiauthoritarian network was put out on the internet. The aim was for a continental network in the style of
the People's Global Action (PGA). Regional networks got started and
endorsed the PGA hallmarks.

Out of that came SEANet (south east anarchist network) and NEMA (north
east mutual aid).

A large meeting took place at the National Conference on Organized
Resistance in DC, which was followed by others in Hartford and NYC, the latter 2 being where NEMA took on its currently recognizable form. At the NYC meeting we agreed to take on the People's Global Action Hallmarks, which tie us in to a global anti-capitalist direct action network (see As it stands, NEMA holds a lot of potential to take up some of the slack and continue the hands on learning process left off by
anti-authoritarian anti-capitalists since the disappearance of activist
formations like DAN (Direct Action Network) and PDAG (Philadelphia Direct Action Group who co-ordinated the direct action element at the RNC protests before last election) as well as the opportunity for working with
an inspiring global network of anti-capitalists.

Currently people involved in NEMA are involved in a variety of different projects including

for more background info, check out these links:

Draft Proposal for a Continental Anti-Authoritarian Anti-Capitalist
Network - the first document many of us saw and discussed about
intitating part of what is now NEMA:

The People Global Action Hallmarks which we adopted at the NYC meeting.
(The general PGA site is here:
Geographical Scope: Regional


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