Community Walk 3 - Get Out the Vote

Starting Date: 10-23-2004
Starting Time: 9:30am

1124 Tilghman St.
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18102
United States
On Saturday,Oct 23th we will be running the third of four Volunteer Community Walks. This will give our volunteers a chance to talk to real voters, face to face, and effect the kind of change that is vital in November. We will be congregating at the Allentown Office at 9:30 am. We will provide transportation to the community where we will be organizing. There we will meet other volunteers from Philadelphia, Maryland, New Jersey, and D.C., all with one goal, educating and motivating people to take action in November to change the current administration. We will have a brief training session, spend about two hours in the field organizing, debrief with the group, and be on our way back to Allentown arriving at about 3:30. The goal is to talk to over 1,000 voters, get them to the polls on election day, and send W back to Texas.
Geographical Scope: State
Day of Action

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