March for Social Justice to Stop America's Other War

Starting Date: 10-16-2004
Starting Time: 11:00am

Clark Park
45th & Chester
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
The March for Social Justice gives white people an opportunity to do more than just demand peace and justice in Iraq while ignoring the conditions in black communities right here.

America's Other War:

- 30 percent of African men aged 20 to 29 are tied to the prison system

- Only 46 percent of African students graduate from U.S. high schools

- Thousands of Africans are brutalized and killed by police every year.

- African families have $7,500 in household assets compared to $79,000 on average for white families

The march is also a fundraiser for the Uhuru Movement, working for economic development and social justice in the African community. The 5K march-a-thon will be followed by a rally with speakers at 1pm.

Express your solidarity with the struggle of African people here for self-determination. Register now to particpate in the march, or sponsor a marcher!

Sponsored by the African People's Solidarity Committee
Geographical Scope: Local

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