Car Free Day at the U of T

Starting Date: 10-25-2004
Starting Time: 0:00am
Ending Date: 10-28-2004

Toronto, Ontario

This year a student-led movement has begun to rally support among U of T students and community members to demand the City of Toronto rezone all feasible roads on campus for pedestrian use only.

Come out to the SAC lawn (on the East side of University College) for a musical celebration in order to rally support for the movement. Interested performers should see contact info at bottom.

Thursday OCT. 28 1P.M.- CAR-FREE PARTY

Rally in King’s College Circle for a march that will take us into the streets to demonstrate the change we want to happen by becoming the human traffic that we want to see as we

Bring your musical instruments, boom-boxes, costumes, juggling balls and all your friends to come celebrate a newly liberated street.

Join us in trying to make our campus a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable place to live and learn in. We need help, to get in contact with us write to

Sign the petition at the SAC office, OPIRG office (563 Spadina Ave.) and check out our manifesto at

The Car-Free Movement at U of T has entered into a critical phase: action. We have been planning and organizing for over a month now, and are about to launch into our first major initiative to promote the cause.

On October 25th at Noon (that's an optimistic time) we'll be having a concert outside the SAC office in order to raise awareness for the movement, and get more people out to:

Our very own Car Free Day. On October 28th we'll be meeting in King's College Circle at 1 o'clock before marching over to St. George where we'll block off the street at two ends (College and likely the first block North, depending on how many people come out). We'll then encourage all the students in the area to use the street once its empty of cars and have a party with whatever musical performers and equipment people bring out on that day.

In order for these two events to be effective we need help postering the campus in the coming week. If you have any free time please meet us between 4 and 4:15 on Tuesday at the foot of St.George (at College St.) so we can break off into groups and poster different parts of the campus. Bring any friends, and if you can't make it on that day, we'll leave some posters in the OPIRG and SAC offices so you can go out anytime (but please write me to confirm and know which parts of campus have already been covered).

We also need anyone who isn't shy to ask their professors to make an announcement before class about the event (they are generally very friendly to these requests) and also pass around the petition in class which is attached to this message. Also attached are the poster and flyer we'll be using, that have all the info on them, which you can distribute at will.

It is really important that you help out in the next two weeks if you support what we are doing. A total of four people have ever come out to our meetings, yet all this preparation has been done so far, but if the movement is going to get anywhere, it will be due to the work of many more people. Please do anything you can to help us make this campus a better place for all of us, and if you know anyone who might at all be interested in helping, or coming out to the events please forward them this message.

Thank you...

Geographical Scope: Local
Day of Action

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