2005 NYC Left Forum

Starting Date: 04-15-2005
Ending Date: 04-17-2005

New York, New York 10016
United States
First confirmed speakers:
Tariq Ali, Barbara Ehrenreich, Joe Trippi, Joanne Landy, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Michelle Fine, Ralph Nader, Tod Ensign, Ellen Meiksins Wood, Toni Negri, François Houtart, Robin Kelley, Ellen Willis, Gilbert Achcar, Stephen R. Shalom, Stanley Aronowitz, Michael Klare, Luciana Castellina, Lynne Stewart, Manning Marable, Jason West, Barbara Ransby, Peter Gowan, Barbara Epstein, Doug Henwood, Frances Fox Piven, Gerald Horne, Rosa Clemente, William K. Tabb, Joel Rogers, David Harvey, Rose Brewer, Cindy Milstein, Leo Panitch, Christine A. Kelly, Barbara Garson, Christian Parenti, Stephen Eric Bronner, Michael Albert, MIchael Zweig, Maria Helena Moreira Alves, Pete Tridish, Frieder Otto Wolf, Michael Hardt, Stephen Duncombe, Eddie Yuen, Chris Dixon, Staughton Lynd, Richard Goldstein, Richard D. Wolff, Ward Morehouse, resisters and veterans of the War in Iraq, and many more...

Featuring Panels:
The Western Left and the Future of Iraq | Civil Rights in the Post-Affirmative Action Era | The Daniel Singer Prize | Why Americans Fall for the Ownership Society | The Middle East: States, Insurgencies, Islam, and the International Economy | The 2004 Elections: Progressive Responses | Class or Multitude? | Youth Organizing and Politics in the U.S. | Neoliberal Rollback: Social Security | Imperialism and the Domestic Agenda | The Left in Local Government: Kerala, Tuscany, Brazil, New York State | Building Alliances: Parties -- Movements -- Left Strategies | Hip Hop Politics Today | History Matters: The Past, Public Memory, and Resistance | Debtor Families, Debtor Nation | Insurgencies and the Limits of U.S. Imperial Reach | Ecology and the Left | Neoliberalism and National Strategies in Latin America | Dilemmas of the U.S. Peace Movement | and much more.
Geographical Scope: National

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