May 1, 2005 - Chicago Social Forum - Another Chicago Is Possible

Starting Date: 05-01-2005
Starting Time: 9:00am

Jones High School
660 S. State St.
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Participate in the 2005 Chicago Social Forum!

On May 1, 2005 the Chicago Social Forum, a network of local social-movement organizations, peace and justice groups, NGOs, representatives of civil society, activists and interested citizens, will return for its second year.

The Chicago Social Forum (CSF) is based on the principles of the World Social Forum, which began in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2001. At its inaugural event on January 31, 2004, the CSF attracted more than 500 participants under the slogan, "Another Chicago is Possible."

Politicians and business interests are pushing Chicago to become a "Global City." The Chicago Social Forum aims toward building a different kind of globalization, one that is rooted in solidarity, equity, and environmental protection and human rights. Of particular importance to this process is the linking of local struggles with global concerns.

We want a broad representation of the organizing, cultural, artistic, and activist work that is taking place all over Chicago. Themes include (but are not limited to)

* Regional and local diversity, integration, and solidarity in and around Chicago: affordable housing, education, health care, welfare, etc.
* Earth and Environmental balance / Sustainable, democratic development
* Alternative forms of globalization: sovereign economies for and of people - against neo-liberal capitalism
* Globalization: relationship between poverty, trade, and debt
* Peace, demilitarization, and struggles against war
* Models, philosophies, & styles of organizing for social change / direct action training
* Art, culture, and diversity: Relationship between art/culture and social change

According to the World Social Forum charter of principles, neither political parties nor military organizations shall participate in the forum. Government leaders and party representatives who register as individuals and commit to the Charters of Principles are welcome to participate in a personal capacity.

To learn more about the 2005 Chicago Social Forum and to get information on proposing workshops and becoming a part of the forum, visit

Chicago Social Forum Contact Information:


PHONE: Stephanie Dernek at 312.641.5151 during business hours



World Social Forum:

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On Saturday, April 2, 2005 there will be a benefit show for the Chicago Social Forum from 5-9pm at the Soul House, 2548 W. Chicago Ave.

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