Demonstrate Commitment & Commemorate All Killed by War on Iraq

Starting Date: 04-01-2005
Ending Date: 04-19-2005

Po Box 111
Buffalo, New York 14213
United States
CURRENTLY student from BuffState Students for Peace are organizing a "HUNGER STRIKE" which asks students, faculty and members of the community to fast for designated days leading into several events related to Peace and the War on Iraq that will take place in the first weeks of April 2005.

A quick calender of these events follows:

Thank you very much.

3/19-4/19 Hunger Strike to commemorate & demonstrate our commitment to all those affected by Iraq War.

April 7th
- Arun Gandhi speaks Noon
- Day of Silence against Hate Crime all day
- Hip Hop as a Vehicle for Social Change - 6:30pm

April 9 Peace Dinner:
Featuring Sister Dianna Ortiz
Torture Survivor and Director of TASK

April 17/18 : Day long Vigil to commemorate those killed in Iraq & bring unity to area universities.

April 19: Realities of War

Speakers forum meet soldiers who have served in Iraq, students from the Yah Yah Network who work counter-recruitment, spokesperson from a advocacy group fighting tuition increases and TAP/EOP cuts and family members of US Soldiers...

April 21: Palestinian speakers event. Learn about the current complexities of Isreal/Palestine conflict.
Geographical Scope: Local

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