United Students Against Sweatshops South East Regional Conference

Starting Date: 04-15-2005
Starting Time: 6:00pm
Ending Date: 04-17-2005

Little Five Points Community Center
1083 Austin Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
United States
What: United Students Against Sweatshops South East Regional Conference

When: April 15-17 (the 15th is just to come and hang out and get some sleep before the main agenda begins Saturday morning).

Where: Atlanta-- Little Five Points Community Center
Why? Because it is going to be fun…

Accommodations and Meals will be provided in the 20 dollar (sliding scale) registration fee.

There will be Workshops and strategy sessions around the following issues:

-- Campus/Community Solidarity Campaigns- Learn about how to run a living wage campaign, what unions are and why they're important, the service worker solidarity campaign (Aramark, Compass and Sodexho) and trends in outsourcing!

-- Worker Rights Consortium Affiliation- What is the WRC and how can affiliating help your school to becoming sweat-free?

-- Multi-Fiber Arrangement Phase-Out Solidarity- With the phase-out of garment and textile quotas in January of 2005 we are seeing more and more cutting and running...Strategize about wage disclosure, sweatfree clothing and code strengthening!

-- Ethical Contracting Code of Conduct- Use this new code that covers purchasing and contracting as a tool in your campaign!

-- Coke Boycott—Come find out about the boycott about Coca-Cola Corporation and how you can join the campaign.

***Also build your skills around media, organizing, fundraising, labor history, anti-oppression training, networking and more!!***

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