Course in Strategic Corporate (Campaign) Research

Starting Date: 06-12-2005
Ending Date: 06-17-2005

Ithaca, New York 14850
United States
Despite enormous challenges in organizing and bargaining in a rapidly changing global economy, this is a time of great opportunity and innovation by American unions.  Nowhere is this more evident than in recent union organizing and bargaining campaign victories such as SEIU at Securitas, UNITE HERE at H & M, PACE at Continental Carbon, the UAW at Dana, and Ironworkers at JD Steele.  These victories came about because of a combination of grassroots rank-and-file mobilizing and leadership development, and escalating actions in the workplace and broader community, but fundamental to all these campaigns was careful strategic research.

 Unfortunately the U.S. labor movement today is facing a critical shortage of trained organizing, bargaining and campaign staff with strategic research training who understand both corporate structure and finance and union campaign strategies.  To help meet this need the AFL-CIO asked the Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations five years ago to develop a one-week intensive credit course on strategic corporate research for graduate students and upper level undergraduates interested in working with the labor movement upon completion of their degrees.  The course will be available as either a non-credit course or as a 1 1/2 credit hour undergraduate course with an additional research and writing assignment.  Those interested in pursuing strategic corporate research positions within unions are strongly advised to take the course for credit so that they will have the additional experience of researching an actual corporation, and have a completed strategic research report to show prospective union employers.
Geographical Scope: National

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