Geneseo Progressive Conference

Starting Date: 04-30-2005
Starting Time: 10:00am

1 College Circle
Geneseo, New York 14454
United States
The Progressive Student Coalition (PSC), in collaboration with individuals from other organizations, campus and community groups is putting together a series of free workshops and presentations dealing with a variety of social issues. Currently, there are 12 workshops ranging from the anti-war movement, to problems of institutional racism, to political theory of anarchism. Following the conference, there will be an afterparty.

The Geneseo campus, as well as the surrounding area, has a number of active progressive organizations - this will be a terrific opportunity to network!

We welcome and encourage all interested individuals to attend! If you have further questions, or need lodging, please direct your inquiries to us by email or by phone.

The Geneseo Progressive Conference

10-10:30 Registration Newton Lobby

10:30-10:45 Opening Remarks Newton 214

11-12 Workshop session #1

--> “35 Years of Activism: If I can do it so can you” Dr. Arnold Matlin, Long time activist and only American winner of the Nicaraguan Hero of the Revolution Award

--> “Planned Parenthood at Geneseo” Jenna Piasecki, Student Organizer and founder of the Geneseo Vox Chapter; topic TBA

--> Anti-War of RIT; topic TBA

12:15-1:15 Workshop session #2

--> “Being a Conscientious Objector to the Draft” Dr. James Bearden, Sociologist and registered C.O. in 1970

--> “Cuba Reflections” Dr. Connie English, Recent traveler to Cuba

--> “The Links Between Local and Regional Organizing” Josh Carbuff and David Dashefsky, Members of the Campus Anti-War Network National Coordinating Committee

1:15-2:15 Lunch Break

2:15-3:15 Workshop session #3

--> “Non-institutional Responses to Oppression and Income Inequality: A debate between Revolutionary Socialism and Anarcho-socialism” Jesse Harasta and an unannounced member of the International Socialist Organization, Organizers and political theory buffs

--> “Grassroots Political Organizing” Chris Hildebrant, Sociologist, Disability Rights Activist and Candidate for Monroe County Legislature from the Green Party

--> “The Real Reasons Behind the Iraq War” David Dashefsky, Political Science Major, President of the Anti-War Coalition

3:30-4:30 Workshop session #4

--> “The Relationship Between Institutional and Interpersonal Racism” Howard J. Eagle, Activist and Teacher from the Rochester City School District

--> “Disability Rights and Creating a More Accessible Society” Chris Hildebrant, Sociologist, Disability Rights Activist and Candidate for Monroe County Legislature from the Green Party

--> The International Socialist Organization, Rochester Branch; topic TBA

4:30-5 Closing Remarks Newton 214

5-6:30 Dinner
6:30+ After Party Location TBA
Geographical Scope: State

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