Engaging Our World: A Southeastern Global Leadership Conference

Starting Date: 10-21-2005
Ending Date: 10-23-2005

CPO 2170, Berea College
Berea, Kentucky 40404
United States
The objective of the conference is “raise awareness among students, in our region of the country to contemporary problems confronting our global society, empower them to creatively engage these problems and participate in the creation of a better and safe world.” Ultimately, we hope that out of this tradition we can begin to build a rich culture of global and national civic engagement among students in the South. It would be naïve to assume that we can immediately make activists out of all the students attending, but we believe that the conference would have been a success if students are exposed to the issues the conference will cover.
The conference will cover such topics as: Trade and Economic Justice, Global Aids, Environmental Justice, World Peace, Human Rights, World Hunger, Mountaintop Removal, GMO’s and Biodiversity, Climate Change and Peak Oil.
Geographical Scope: Regional

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