Thinking Through Action: Twentieth-Century Social Movements and Their Legacy

Starting Date: 06-10-2005
Ending Date: 06-11-2005

Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 5K3
The thinking through action organizing committee is giving interested individuals advance notice of an upcoming conference planned in honor of Jack O’Dell, veteran organizer of the civil rights, peace, and labor movements in the United States.

This conference, to be held at Simon Fraser University’s downtown Vancouver campus in June 2005, seeks to bring together scholars, activists, and organizers from across North America not only to discuss the history of social movements around the world, but also how this history can help to broaden our understanding of the struggles for social justice taking place in the present context. Discussions throughout the two days will centre on the need for emphasizing strong theoretical understandings of the political role that progrressive social movements have played while maintaining a focus on the practical objectives of organizing, mobilizing and movement building.

The Thinking Through Action conference will be held concurrently and in collaboration with the Pacific Northwest Labour History Association (PNLHA) Conference. This year the conference is celebrating the 100-year anniversary founding of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) by considering the Wobblies' enduring contribution to the labour and social justice movements and their current influence. Click here for the PNLHA Call for Papers.
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