Stop the Violence Against the Black Community!

Starting Date: 05-23-2005
Starting Time: 6:00pm

Robin's Books (2nd Floor)
108 S. 13th St., Center City
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
United States
Support the Uhuru Movement & African community struggle for democratic rights and justice!

Videos of victims families speaking out & community resistance to police terror in St. Petersburg, FL
Mary Edwards - stop the forced displacement of African communities!
Kamau Becktemba - Uhuru Movement

20 years ago the city of Philadelphia dropped a bomb on the MOVE family, murdering eleven men, women & children & destroying 61 homes. No one has ever been held accountable for the hideous crime, & MOVE members are portrayed in the media as responsible for it.

85 year old Mary Edwards is facing $4 million in fines from the Borough of Media for phony housing citations. African people are losing their homes & communities to greedy speculators & white families.

In St. Petersburg, Florida, sheriffs murdered Marquell McCullough & Jarrell Walker - young, unarmed African men. The outraged community & Uhuru Movement are under attack for resisting state-sponsored terror.

Learn the Truth & Take Action!
While the city of Philadelphia portrays the African community as bringing the violence on itself, the reality is the the government is waging a vicious attack against the black community here & in cities all over the U.S.
White developers and home-buyers are greedily gobbling up huge sectors of North, South & West Philly. To clear African families out of their neighborhoods the police have intensified the daily harassment, massive arrests and brutal containment of the community.
The Uhuru Movement is leading the organized struggle for real change to empower the black community. In St. Pete the Movement is under serious attack for working for social & economic justice. We must defend the democratic rights of the African community!


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