Press Conference to Protest Phila. Police Murder of Schroon Coachman

Starting Date: 07-01-2005
Starting Time: 10:00am

DA's Office
1421 Arch St.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102
United States
The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, along with the Coachman family, is calling a press conference to denounce the police murder of Schroon "Fat Daddy" Coachman by Philadelphia police on Wednesday, June 29th, 2005.

Schroon was choked to death in broad daylight in front of the community around 1pm at 51st and Market streets. The community and his family were outraged at the brutal murder of yet another African man by the police in Philadelphia. Witnesses said that police were driving by after the murder, laughing, taunting and intimidating the people who were furious at this cold-blooded murder. The press conference will denounce all forms of state-sponsored terror against the African community using the accusation of the use or selling of drugs by any individual as an excuse.

Kamau Becktemba, Philadelphia President of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement was at the murder scene right away, and talked to numerous witnesses and family members. Becktemba stated that " This cold-blooded, brutal and cynical murder of yet another young brother by the vicious Philadelphia police cannot go by without a meaningful response from this embattled community. We've had enough of this terrorism by the police. They say "justifiable", we say "murder". How many more of us are they going to kill before they are held accountable for their actions? We've already buried Haile Payne, Milo Fornwald, Edward Boo Pickens, Philip McCall, Donta Dawson, Kenneth Griffin, Sean Wilson and hundreds of others."

The demands that will be presented to the District Attorney's Office will be:1. The immediate arrest and prosecution for murder of all involved in killing Schroon Coachman. 2. Stop all state-sponsored violence against the African community.3. End the U.S.-controlled drug economy and stop the criminalization of the African community.4. Reparations to the Coachman family for Schroon's brutal murder.5. End the public policy of police containment of the African community, and replace it with a policy of genuine and massive economic development.

For more information, contact InPDUM 215-474-8182
Geographical Scope: Local

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