National Conference-World Cannot Wait to Drive Out The Bush Regime

Starting Date: 09-03-2005
Starting Time: 8:00am
Ending Date: 09-05-2005

New York, New York
United States

Make your travel plans now – ASAP this will be worth it! Make plans to bring as many people from your area.

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As the Bush Regime continues to set their sights on creating a modern theocracy and ruthelessly fortifying their global empire through unjust war and occupation the people must act.

The World is at a crossroads.

A key step will be launching the national movement on November 2 to Drive Out the Bush Regime and the Organizers Conference on Labor Day weekend. We are calling on everybody, organizers, activist, working people, professionals, students, everyone young and old, to come to this conference – to do work, to play an important role in this project and to take responsibility for creating a movement.

People from all over the country will come together over 2 1/2 days of workshops, meetings, panels to get a deeper understanding of what this movement is calling for and be able to go back home as organizers ready to mobilize their areas as centers of resistance to the Bush regime.

There will also be specific workshops and meetings focused on youth getting ready to take up mobilizing for November 2nd and get their campuses organized this upcoming fall.

We want people to be inspired by the vision laid out in the call, get a chance to hear speakers expose just how sickening and ruthless this Bush Regime is and the dangers of seeking common ground with the very same regime you oppose.

Come ready to do some work:

The conference will develop and co-ordinate local plans for November 2nd, and establish a core of people who will be taking responsibility to bring into being a movement the world so desperately needs.

If you agree with the Call; if you can step back and imagine the impact on the world if this Regime was driven out of power; then you need to be part of this conference and bring as many like-minded people with you.

Workshops will focus on:

*Small and Large discussions on planning for November 2nd locally and nationally

*How to organize, mobilize locally

*Organizing web committees, fundraising committees, publicity and media plans

*Making plans for youth and student actions, activities

*Panel presentation and discussion on: Theocracy, Intellectual Design, attack on Women’s Reproductive Rights, A culture of Repression & Unending Wars….

The conference fee: Sliding Scale $25-$100

Schedule: Saturday September 3rd 2005 11am-6pm 8-??? – After party

Sunday September 4th 2005 10am-6pm 8pm Plenary session

Monday September 5th 2005 Travel Day & West Indian Day Parade Brooklyn –

What We Need From You:

* If you are planning or even thinking about attending, email us now:

* Bring/submit a proposal for November 2nd

We need plans, ideas, and proposals for national and local organizing on November 2nd. Either your own personal idea or a proposal from a collective grouping, we need all the ideas to help facilitate a discussion and stronger vision for November 2nd.

* Email us suggestions on workshops you would like to attend or present

The Meeting will be held in Manhattan.

An urgent need right now is for volunteers to take time off and come to New York City to help anchor this national effort any time between now and November 2, 2005. Whether you have skills to offer and a lifetime of experience organizing or have been compelled to take action for the first time ever because of how dangerous the times are - your help is needed!

Volunteers will:

* Organize a growing national movement through an increasingly interactive website
* Blanket summer concerts and festivals with the Call for The World Can't Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!
* Help strategize campaigns and compose letters to a growing email list
* Solicit or design artwork and produce and distribute merchandize to get the word out and raise money * Work in the National Office


Out reach nationally to religious institutions, political organizations, campuses, etc.

Special skills needed:

* Web designers
* Public Relations and Press Experience
* Volunteer Coordinators
* Concert promoters and organizers

Geographical Scope: National

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