Philadelphia Beyond Oil Conference 2005

Starting Date: 09-18-2005

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
United States
We face serious threats: Peak Oil. Climate Crisis. Wars. Cancer. Asthma. Corruption. Oiloholic Addiction. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Join us for a day of truth and healing. Come to be inspired with a vision of peace, jobs, energy independence, vibrant communities and successful local businesses.


Ken Wiwa is the son of political and environmental activist Ken Saro Wiwa who protested Shell Oil and British Petroleum. He was executed by the Nigerian government in 1995. Ken Wiwa's first book, In the Shadow of a Saint, told the story of his father's work to an international audience. Ken Wiwa is also a leader in his own right, with a world-wide reputation as a journalist, human rights and environmental activist.

Jan Lundberg is a former oil industry insider who once published the Lundberg Report, one of the most widely circulated oil industry newsletters. Before becoming an oil activist, he worked for his fathers company Lundberg Survey Inc. which collects statistics relevant to the oil industry. Nonetheless, after he became aware of the deplorable nature in which the oil industry and our nation’s oiloholic economy abused the limited supply oil, he underwent a metamorphosis and became a leading oil-activist. He founded the Alliance for Paving Moratorium and the Sustainable Energy Institute. Today, he publishes Culture Change with SEI.

8:45 - Registration
9:15 – 10:45 (Session I)

Peak Oil and the Alternatives: (Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Biomass and Coal)
With Jan Lundberg, Mike Ewall, NIRS, Dennis Winters
The Problems of Oil Addiction at Home and Abroad.
With Professor Craig Eisendrath, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Marwan Kriedie, & Philly Activists Confronting Oil Corporations

First Nations and the Developing World (working title)
With Virginia Kennedy, Hollister Knowlton, Daphne Wysham

Community Solutions
Larry Menkes, Andrew Rudin, Sandy Wiggins, Ed Dreby

11:15 – 12:30 (Session II)
The Climate Crisis: The Latest Science and Solutions
With Charlie Komanoff, Lorna Salzman (Green Party of NY)

The Politics of Oil in Washington, Harrisburg, and City Hall
With Joy Bergey (PICCC), Brendan Bell (Sierra Club), Ed Dreby

The Business Community and Local Solutions
With Leanne, Nadia Adawi, Sandy Wiggins, Hap Haven (?)

12:30 – 1:30
Bagged lunch. Sign up for lunch program!

Afternoon Registration Begins

2:20 – 6:30 - Afternoon Program

Invocation and Keynote with Ken Wiwa
Moderated by Alana Hertzog

Quiet Riot

Peak Oil and Its Implications

Jan Lundberg
Charlie Komanoff
Chris Puchalsky
Political Dimensions of Oil and the Climate Crisis

Steve Kretzmann (Oil Change International)
Susan Gobreski (League of Conservation Voters)
Brendan Bell, Sierra Club
War and Peace

Iraq Veterans Against the War
Prof. Craig Eisendrath - Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities
A City and State Agenda

Michael Dorsey - invited
Jeff Garris – Citizens for Consumer Justice
Elected Officials
Geographical Scope: Metro

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