Reflections on Education and Social Justice: The Second Conference Celebrating

Starting Date: 09-30-2005
Ending Date: 10-02-2005

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081
United States
In September 2001, over 150 alumni, students, and local educators gathered at Swarthmore College for the first Reflections on Education and Social Change Conference. The conference was the result of the hard work of four alumni in collaboration with the Department of Educational Studies and the Alumni Office. That conference was incredibly successful, in that it engaged us all in important conversations about educational issues and allowed us all to reconnect and rediscover the energy that characterizes the work that we all do.

So we've decided to do it again. The second Reflections on Education and Social Change Conference, will be held at Swarthmore on September 30 and October 1, 2005. Our goal is, again, to provide opportunities for alums, students, faculty, and local educators to gather and discuss key concerns and issues in the field. We know the conversations will be intense and exciting!

Our keynote speaker, Linda Darling-Hammond, has been a dominant figure in the field of education for the past 30 years as a teacher, scholar, and reformer. Linda Darling-Hammond is currently Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education at Stanford University where she is faculty sponsor for the Stanford Teacher Education Program and principal investigator for the School Redesign Network and the Stanford Educational Leadership Institute. Her research, teaching, and policy work focus on issues of school restructuring, teacher education, and educational equity.

Well-known educator and author Herbert Kohl will speak at the conference's closing session. Kohl, who provided the key-note address for the first education conference, will be at Swarthmore as the Lang Visiting Professor for the 2005-2006 academic year. Kohl is the former director of the Center for Teaching Excellence and Social Justice at the University of San Francisco, an educator and activist who has taught grades kindergarten through graduate school, and the author of many books including 36 Children and Discipline of Hope.

We dedicate this conference to Eva Travers, who will be retiring at the end of the 2005-2006 academic year. As the core of the program for the past 30 years, Eva has touched many of our lives. We hope you will join us to recognize her work and care.

Use this website to find out more about the conference. You can even register on-line!
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