Guerrilla Girls On Tour

P.O. Box 2100
New York, New York 10021
United States
Guerrilla Girls On Tour is an internationally acclaimed anonymous theatre collective founded by three former members of Guerrilla Girls. The group began in 1997 when Aphra Behn, Lorraine Hansberry and Hallie Flanagan, then members of Guerrilla Girls, initiated a new focus for the anonymous feminist group that would address the lack of opportunities for women in theatre and explore a way to combine performance and visual art. GGOT creates original plays, street actions, visual work and residency programs that dramatize women’s history and advocate on behalf of women and artists of color in the performing arts. In order to put the focus of their work on the issues they address, each member works under the name of a dead woman artist and performs wearing a gorilla mask. The 26-member troupe have toured through 25 states and 5 countries bringing their brand of satirical performance art and activism against discrimination, sexism and racism to places like southern Georgia, eastern Europe and South America. GGOT is a diverse company of women theatre artists and comediennes and their signature performance – Feminists Are Funny – is a 70- minute energetic romp through their herstory, an up-to-date account of their latest actions in politics, theatre, media and the entertainment industry and a lively discussion with the audience on the current cultural trends for women and people of color.
This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 03-18-2005
Updated on 03-18-2005

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