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WAR believes that grass roots direct action campaigns are the most efficacious way to achieve our ultimate goal of total animal liberation. As such, we are supportive of all above and below ground organizations that work toward the liberation of animals without causing harm to any animal, human or non-human. We are unapologetic supporters of the freedom fighters that call themselves the Animal Liberation Front.

Although our organization believes that direct action is the best way to achieve our goals, we are mindful of the fact that other strategies and tactics can be useful in achieving animal liberation. As such, we are supportive of the efforts of other organizations, including but not exclusive to, those groups that do: humane education, vegan outreach and legislative efforts. We are especially supportive of those groups and individuals who effect the rescue and rehabilitation of animals at risk, and those that work toward the re-homing or sanctuary of abused and mistreated animals.

We subscribe to the theory that all corporations are made up of individuals and that each individual is morally responsible and accountable for the crimes and atrocities that they commit at work. As a consequence, we firmly believe in taking the fight for animal liberation to the home turf of the animal abusers and exploiters, facing them head on, where they work, where they live and where they recreate.

Finally, we believe that any individual that witnesses an act of cruelty or the infliction of pain or harm has a moral imperative to take direct action to alleviate the pain and suffering, regardless of whether the animal is human or non-human. It is our philosophy that to do any less for an animal than you would for a human child represents speciesism. We hold that speciesism is just as evil and morally indefensible as racism, sexism or any of the other forms of discrimination.
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