Marist Sudan Activism

Marist College MSC#10318
3399 North Road
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601
United States
Marist Sudan Awareness Project

How we are raising awareness:

• Organizing weekly fundraisers selling ribbons and wristbands to donate to the cause
• Planning for two influential Sudanese nationals to come to our campus and speak on behalf of their people and the suffering which occurs there.
• Writing articles to our local newspapers
• Forming a letter-writing campaign to Congress
• Taping a public service announcement
• Creating a website
• Establishing a Human Rights Watch organization on campus that will be devoted to promoting awareness and organizing civil service projects.
Sources: (we used this site to acquire our speakers, as well as to print off information sheets to attach ribbons to) (we used this site to print out petitions) (a website with many photos and specific data) (documenting atrocities in Darfur)

This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 11-16-2005
Updated on 11-16-2005


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