Urban Green Partnership

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
United States
Is an organization that was started to help raise the awareness of how sustainable living can be melded into urban lifestyles, as well as provide the millions of people who live, work, and commute daily in the urban setting with an alternative way of living. How many times during the course of a day have you stopped to think about the end result of your actions on the environment - Where will my paper cup end up when I toss it into the trash? What has been added into my food and drink by manufacturing companies? How will my living in a city affect my health and the health of my children in years to come? What does it cost for me to take my fifteen minute shower? – If you are like most urban dwellers, these questions may exist for a brief moment and then be dissolved amidst the bustle of the ever-moving ‘urban environment.’ Yet, UGP believes that those are the very questions that are the base of providing a healthier and more sustainable future.
This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 01-02-2006
Updated on 01-03-2006


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