Field Band Foundation

PO Box 909
Rye, New York 14850
United States
The Field Band Foundation creates lifetime opportunities for the youth of South Africa through the discipline and creativity of music and movement. We build self-esteem, develop life skills and nurture future leaders. At the center of our life-skills program is our HIV/AIDS prevention and education program. All band members go through HIV education and prevention training.
Many of the youth go on to participate in Peer Education Programs in the townships of South Africa. The Field Band Foundation works with organizations that are certified by the World Health Organization to conduct our HIV education and prevention workshops. It is estimated that the infection rate in the townships is as high as 30.4% and due to misinformation the youth living in poorer areas are ill-equipped to protect themselves from infection. It is estimated that AIDS kills 1 in 3 persons in SA1 The Field Band Foundation's Peer HIV/AIDS Education Program educates and empowers youth to help them protect themselves and their communities from becoming a part of the growing number of South Africans with AIDS.
This is a non-campus group.
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