Student Labor Action Project SBCC

Santa Barbara, California 93101
United States
MISSION: SLAP SBCC has been organized to ensure social and economic justice on campus and in the community. In order to achieve this end, SLAP SBCC will:
o Promote active student involvement in affecting the policies that affect our lives by providing community organizing skills to the student population through building strong ties with community organizations to bring skills trainings to campus and give students the opportunity to gain experience in community activism;
o Facilitate collective action through coalition building to develop inclusive community solutions and win concrete improvements in the quality of life for all students, staff, faculty and other members of the community in which we live;
o Support conscious community building efforts based on the workers’ rights to organize, the immigrants’ right to an equal standard of living, and the human rights to accessible education, universal healthcare, affordable housing, a stable pension, and a living wage, which we as students expect to receive as we graduate and join the labor force.
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 06-20-2006
Updated on 06-20-2006


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