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The 2004 Pesidential Election brought more than 20 million college age voters to the polls. Suprisingly, what matters to young Americans and why is little understood by candidates and policy makers- enter the Collegiate Forum. Since its founding, CF has played a prominant role in organizing and strengthening the unity of progressive youth while articulating their views through its two publications.

The Collegiate Forum is an international student run organization founded in 2003 by students in Argentina, Canada, Germany, and the United States. The Forum is a 501c3 non-profit corporation made up of 1,000 registered members and an activist base of 50,000 youth. The Forum publishes the American Policy Journal and The Podium. The Journal is an annual policy review by a representative array of America's youth and is received by every member of the United States Congress. The biannual academic journal,The Podium, compiles student written research essays and commentaries on issues of contemporary social relevance.

In addition, through the Collegiate Forum Fund, and in association with the investment firm Denison & Porter, CF funds teacher education, full and partial scholarships, textbooks and school reconstruction in several impoverished South American and African communities.
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