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For the first time in history, our generation has the tools, technology, and resources to end extreme poverty and yet, a billion people still live on less than a dollar a day.

What's missing is the will.

This challenge is about building that will. Whether that means recruiting friends, sending letters to Congress, or raising visibility by snapping a shot of your mascot in a ONE shirt, we'll use a system of points to track what you've accomplished.

Throughout the challenges' three stages, ONE will reward campuses for their efforts. In January, at the beginning of phase 2, ONE will fly representatives from the top 100 schools to D.C. for an elite three-day conference, and in February, at the start of phase 3, ONE will present the top 10 schools with grants to fund their own poverty-fighting programs.

In the end, ONE will reward the school that proves that its students are the most creative and effective poverty fighters in the country.

But this is no game. Students have played crucial roles in every great movement in American history. From the abolitionists, to the suffrage and civil rights movements and apartheid, students have been able to create energy, focus the nation's attention and create real change. This generation is no different.

The only question that remains is: Can we do it?

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Added on 11-09-2007
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