Evil Twin Booking Agency

4833 Fairmount Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19139
United States
Evil Twin Booking Agency organizes club, campus, and festival tours for today's most mind expanding speakers and performers. Our issue and action oriented events are super entertaining, educational and fun for troublemakers of all ages. We can show you how easy and rewarding it is to set up consciousness raising events in your town focusing on social and economic justice, media, environmentalism, outsider art and the metaphysical. The Evil Twin Booking Agency is all about creating personal connections between passionate minds.

Current Roster includes:

Speakers on the Art of Subversion
1. THE YES MEN legendary hoax masters and political satirists
2. LOST FILM FEST w/ Scott Beibin Live culture jamming performance
3. DEAD PREZ revolutionary underground hip hop legends
6. STEVEN KURTZ founder of the Critical Art Ensemble
7. DANIEL PINCHBECK Author of 2012, and Breaking Open the Head
8. BEEHIVE DESIGN COLLECTIVE eco-radical poster artists
9. TIMOTHY "SPEED" LEVITCH chiropractor of the mind, star of The Cruise

Speakers on the environment, sustainability, and green technologies

1. VANDANA SHIVA biotechnology critic and ecologist.
3. SEVERN CULLIS-SUZUKI environmental activist and author
5. CHRIS PAINE director of Who Killed the Electric Car?
6. PETER YOUNG former political prisoner and animal rights activist
7. DERRICK JENSEN Author of Endgame and A Language Older than Words
8. DR MITCHELL JOACHIM eco-architect + host of Discovery Channel's Future Cities
9. CHELSEA SEXTON electric vehicle expert (Who Killed the Electric Car?)

Speakers on social justice, global politics, and media

1. GREG PALAST Bestselling author of Armed Madhouse and The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
2. M1 (Dead Prez) Black Panther Party history and community building
4. JEHANE NOUJAIM Dir. Control Room, and winner of prestigious TED prize
5. MARK ACHBAR director of The Corporation
6. AVI LEWIS (DIR THE TAKE) dir The Take, host of Al Jazeera's Frontline USA
7. The Coup's BOOTS RILEY A Secret History of Hip Hop
8. CHRISTIAN PARENTI Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and Latin America correspondent for The Nation.

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Added on 09-25-2008
Updated on 09-25-2008

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