SBU Freethinkers

Student Activities Center, Suite 218
Stony Brook, New York 11794
United States
SBU Freethinkers represent the secular student body of Stony Brook University. The group aims to foster constructive discussion between students, faculty, and guests based around social and moral issues that impact our society. SBU Freethinkers seek to portray a positive image of active and concerned atheists. The organization is breaking through the common comparison of organizing atheists to herding cats by bringing people together around a cause greater than organization for the sake of authority and dogma. Freethinkers come together to inspire one another and appreciate our freedom of thought and speech.

Freethinkers are people who base their beliefs on evidence and critical thinking. We uphold the principles of the scientific method and are unaffected by logical fallacies such as claims to authority and dogma. Instead, we opt for objective data. Naturally, many Freethinkers are also non-theists. Freethinkers place a great value on freedom of speech and separation of church and state, as did the founding fathers of America. Freethinkers also accept that science does not have all the answers just yet. But rather than creating myths to fill in the gaps, we appreciate the magnificence of such questions that are left to be answered.

These types of questions will lead us into constructive discussion. We also openly discuss controversial topics that face our society. These are the type of discussions that need to take place in order for society to make progress. If we continue to substitute religion for science, we will not make any progress. If we tuck away controversial issues, then we can never hope to move past them.
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 05-11-2009
Updated on 05-11-2009

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