Good Schools Pennsylvania

7234 Erdrick Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19135
United States
215-332-2700 or 1-88
Good Schools Pennsylvania is a coalition of grassroots, regional, statewide and national organizations seeking to mobilize parents, students and concerned citizens to advocate for improved public education. The changes that are necessary to improve schools will occur when we all join together and educate community residents, civic leaders and elected officials to expand funding, reform the funding distribution formula, pass a set of common sense standards for excellence and institute the accountability measures necessary for every child to succeed. Good Schools Pennsylvania hopes to build a powerful student movement advocating the improvement of public education in Pennsylvania. Good Schools Pennsylvania's Campus Organizers will reach out and work with students leaders across the Commonwealth to implement the launch at least 50 campus chapters.
The Campus Organizers will help chapters by:

Connecting students to other interested students on their campus and across the state
Generating support for school reform by offering resources to support campus events on the crisis in public education in the Commonwealth.
Offering students up-to-date and in-depth information on educational issues so that they are well-prepared and articulate advocates for the school reform.
Developing organizing skills among student leaders with special attention to organizing effective public events.
Developing student understanding of the historical importance that student movements have in America.

This is a campus group.
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December 17, 2007 -- Jim Hardy

I love Good Schools PA. They are doing great work. Check out their site for info on the Costing Out Study proving the unjust and wholly inadequate levels of funding for most PA schools.