Vegan Fake Meat Reviews

Here are some of my favorite vegan fake meats. Not in order.

1. Tofurky Italian Sausage.
While their fake turkey product gets very mixed reviews, their fake sausage is amazing! Trader Joes sells Italian Sausage for $2.99.

I pan fry it. It is great for summer grilling! It goes well by itself or in pasta. There are several other varieties that are carried by Whole Foods and other stores.

2. Field Roast Sausages
These are even tastier than the Tofurky ones. However they cost more ($5) and are more likely to fall apart. Whole Foods sells them.

3. Nature Soy's Fake Chicken and Fake Beef
They make them locally in Philadelphia! I'm not sure how available they are outside of Philadelphia, but they are my favorite gluten fake meat. Cost is only $1.99 for 8 oz. I like to buy them at Hung Vuong (Vietnamese grocery store on Washington Ave).

I also like Nature Soy's "Soy Puffs" which is the puffiest tofu I've ever seen!

Their extra-firm tofu is the best extra-firm tofu I've had (beats Trader Joes). And their fried tofu is great if you want to eat in a hurry and don't have the time to fry it properly.

4. Stonewall Jerquee
They make the best vegan jerky. All of it is vegan except for the beef BBQ. I like to buy the 5 pound packs of "fines" - little to medium sized left over pieces from making the jerky. They are twice as cheap (or sometimes even less). You can buy a 5 pound bag of fines for $22 plus shipping (By contrast the 5 pound regular bags are $48, and the 1.5 oz packages are $15-$25/pound). The shipping is reasonable - though it does pay a bit to buy in bulk to save on it. I just ordered 25 pounds!

5. Gimme Lean Ground Sausage

It is funny that this is called "lean" because I like to pan fry it in oil after which... This is a perfect breakfast sausage patty replacement. It is also great on pizza. Cost around $3. Trader Joes has it.

6. Vegan Ham Roll in a tube
There are several Asian companies that make this and it is imported to the United States. Cost is around $8/pound which is on the pricy side but it is the best ham you can get! Note: only some of the brands are vegan. Other non-vegan hams will include egg or whey. You are most likely to find this in a large Asian grocery store. I bought some recently that came from VerSoya in Taiwan.

I just noticed that you can buy it from a VegeFarm importer in NYC for $12/kilo plus shipping.

7. Konjac-based seafoods
Konjac is the new kid on the block for fake meats. It is a nice alternative to gluten and soy alternatives -- and it makes a nice seafood. Sophie's Kitchen vegan prawns is one example.