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I'm working with the Philly Socialists Solidarity Network in West Philadelphia and a group of tenants of the Winchester apartment building to put pressure on the landlord to follow the law, uphold Quaker values, and to treat the tenants as equal human beings who deserve quality affordable housing.

Please sign the petition. Please forward it to any Quakers whom you might know.


David and Tenants celebrating the Holidays

The tenants in the Winchester building in West Philly have organized to demand justice from their landlord: the Friends Rehabilitation Program.

The landlord stopped doing proper maintenance several years ago and the problems have been piling up. A major issue is the building-wide bed bug infestation which could have been prevented with monthly checks and regular treatments. Other problems include a failure to compensate for damage from the bed bugs, a lack of heat, too much heat, mold, slamming doors, cockroaches, unpatched holes, broken windows, inadequate lighting, regular pipe leaks, damaged carpet, a lack of security, and a lack of respect for the tenants.

The latest outrage is a punitive, discriminatory and illegal landlord letter sent to one of the key tenant leaders telling them they are evicted and must leave in March.

The Friends Rehabilitation Program has refused to meet with the Tenants Committee and the Solidarity Network to resolve these grievances.

The Winchester Tenants committee is working with the Philly Socialists Solidarity Network to organize the tenants and community. Together we are taking action to stop the eviction and to pressure the landlord until the demands are met.

We are asking you to show your support for this campaign by signing our petition and to share this petition with your friends.

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UpdatesThe Winchester


The Winchester Tenants voted to officially form the Winchester Tenants Association!

The eviction threat was dropped. We are working to schedule a sit down meeting with the landlord, Winchester Tenants Association, and Solidarity Network.

There is still a lot of work that the landlord needs to do as we are regularly identifying major maintenance issues that are seriously affecting the tenants quality of life.