Four Simple Steps for Avoiding Computer Viruses and Spyware

I've dealt with several computers that were totally infested with viruses and spyware to
the point that they were completely unusable.

Since 90% of the people I know aren't doing this (up until recently this included myself), here is some basic advice to avoid losing control of your computer.

(You can skip #1 if your computer isn't infested with spyware to the point where when you turn it on you get ads popping up constantly. Or you might want to do this step just to be sure you get everything.)

1. Start your computer in Safe Mode
Shut down. Make sure the computer is off.
During the boot-up process hit f-8 very rapidly (holding it down can cause a nasty beep), until you get a series of text choices.

Choose Safe Mode with Networking.

If you don't see this options the first time, try it again. You have a very small time window in which to actually hit the F8 key.

2. Download Ad-Aware Personal Edition (free)

Install it and run it. Do a mouse right-click on the results so that you can "select all", and then delete all the spyware (note: this won't mess up cookies for legitimate sites like friendster).
This gets rid of spyware, including the kind of spyware that takes control of your computer and downloads more spyware.

3. Install Avast (free)
Avast provides free anti-virus protection. It's probably as good as Norton, and unlike
Norton it is free (whereas Norton requires that you pay each year to renew it).

Install it. Run it.

4. Run Windows Update regularly
Computers with Windows XP should have this set to update automatically (if you have service pack 2). Windows 98 users can access windows update through the control panel. This prevents viruses from exploiting bugs in the operating system. Install all of the critical updates and the service packs.

Viruses and Spyware are big problems!

I find out the best way to avoid these trouble is backup your system , because most of these anti-virus software are not work very well. Ghost 8.0 maybe the best system backup tool, i often use it to restore my system so that i can get the clean os and kick these virus away!