Temporary Autonomous Zone: Books Not Bombs

Starting Date: 03-04-2004

15th & Market Streets
(in Front Of City Hall)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101
United States
T.A.Z. is a love poem scrawled on the sterilized and unconscious wall of a hospital. It is a 4 a.m. Shakespeare reading with your cellmates in Miami. It is a Palestinian youth tearing down a part of the Wall with his bare hands. Our T.A.Z. will be a peaceful place without rules or regulations, without teachers and students, without bosses and employees. We will manifest our vision of how the world could be a better place, and how human interactions could be based on love and solidarity rather than exploitation and greed. D.I.Y. education in the streets! Visit the website for more information and a full list of activities.
Geographical Scope: Metro
Day of Action

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