Carolyn Simmons
Both Address

Orlando, Florida 32806
United States
This is a campus activist.
bike-riding, vegan, anarcha-feminist, food not bombs-er.
General Interests: anarchy, activism, bands, big beds, booze, bongs, cats, cuddling, dogs, earth first!, gb's, peace, veganism, kitties, laughing, zines, books, reading, writing, loving, caring, having emotions, knowing what the fuck is going on, piercings, tattoos, brohaw
Favorite Music: high on fire, infest, magrudergrind, necrophagist, crust, punk, grindcore, power violence
Favorite Books: kerouack, orwell, zines,
Political Views: anarchist
Occupation: student/activist/anarchist
Networking Goals: find a way to reach out to other kids my age and younger to teach them whats going on.
Added on 02-06-2008
Updated on 02-06-2008

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