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Radiation Maps

The EPA has a program that monitors radiation.
You can now view it without getting an account!
EPA Radiation Map

EPA Japan 2011 Disaster Page

Due to the precarious situation the nuclear plant in Japan, I did some research into finding online maps of radiation. I found two. I wonder if there are others?


Revolution Indicators - New Website Launch (beta)

Check out my new website:
Indicators of Revolution

(Now new url -

Indicators of Revolution in North Africa

I have several ideas on how to follow the revolutions sweeping North Africa.

Al Jazeera
Their english service is the best form of news. I watch it online for hours.
A prediction market which has markets on whether the presidents of Libya, Bahrain, Iran, Algeria, and Yemen will still be in office at the end of 2011. Within the past 24 hours Gadhafi has gone from a 40% to 88% chance of losing office.


Listen to Shortwave Radio Online - with a powerful tuner

You can download a Software Defined Radio (SDR) tuner software from (I got the beta release 1.1) then go to their list of online tuners and tune a powerful radio for free!

If your browser tells you that you are doing something risky, ignore the warning (if you want this to work).

You can see a waterfall/spectrum view of the radio dial, tune it around, and listen to stations!

Collaborative Writing: Progressive Strategy Handbook

It is great to see people collaboratively writing materials for liberals, like the Progressive Strategy Handbook that recently came out. I like how you can print it out yourself, write comments, and users have essentially invested in it.

Social Revolution to Sweep North Africa and the Middle East?

On January 23 I started to get very excited. The Tunisian revolution was in full swing and related demonstrations broke out in Yemen, Algeria, and Jordan. In Saudi Arabia a man set himself on fire.

Then on January 25, Egypt had its largest anti-government protest, reportedly since food protests in 1977. Egypt's protests have continued and we're waiting to see if Friday turns into a big day with the people gathering in mosques to pray and the mobilize.

Protests have continued in Yemen.

Jordan activists are organizing protests for Friday. Blacklisted for "Spam"

My site got blacklisted by hotmail and several other major email providers because my blog requires email verification for new users!

I get hundreds of requests (from spammers) per year to be blog users. So the website was emailing them and it was bouncing. This got me on a black list (and 300+ emails that I sent yesterday bounced).

The solution is to turn off email verification. I tell user applicants that they need to manually email me when they apply, so the automated email verification is unnecessary.

Toynbee Tiles - The Mystery is Solved: "Resurrect Dead" coming to the Sundance Film Festival

My roommate has been working on a documentary on these crazy tiles with obscure messages that appear in streets in Philadelphia (I've seen many in West Philadelphia) and all around the world. He has been doing it without any funding for five years, and now it is in the biggest film festival (for independent documentaries): Sundance!

You can Donate money and also watch the short interview of the director: Jon Foy.

Mapping Food Access

The government has an interesting Food Environment Atlas that lets you map things by county.

One neat layer is pounds of fruits/veggies eaten at home per capita. They also have grocery store access, food prices, and a lot more!

NY Times maps Census Data

The NY Times has come up with a new map using Census data on income, race, housing, same sex partners, and education. Nifty interface!

The data is from 2005-2009, the American Community Survey, which is happens in-between the major decennial census.

They display the data at the census tract level if you zoom in. I cannot tell if they are trying to show block level data - as they have dots representing data on blocs, however I don't think the American Community Survey does blocks.

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