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United States
Democracy for America is the political action committee that Gov. Howard Dean started after his presidential run. The organization seeks to support fiscally responsible, socially progressive candidates and initiatives.

Vision of GenerationDFA

GenerationDFA is the youth movement of Democracy for America

- Build a strong network of young people dedicated to fiscal
responsibility and social progress.

- Establish Democracy for America groups on college campuses across
the country.

- Activate young people to support fiscally responsible, socially
progressive candidates in their local communities.

- Create a "healthy" community through "DFA Campus Corps," a program
focused on local community service projects. Bridge the gap between
community service and political involvement.

- Recruit and train young people to become activists, campaign
managers, and candidates!

- Work with like-minded student groups to coordinate efforts and
generate a greater impact.
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: National
This group is a network.
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Updated on 11-04-2005

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