Citizens Against Marijuana Prohibition

28 Dietz Court
Kingston, New York 12401
United States
We are a lobbying and activism group working to change the flawed health law that prohibits cannabis cultivation and possession. We have ample evidence that the marijuana prohibition was created by fraud and deprives New York citizens of a natural potent medicine that can and should be freely grown at home by whoever chooses to use it.

We have a division called Hemp Industry promotions which focuses on all of the green industries that can come from hemp, such as food, clothing, building materials, bath products, paint, rope, paper, plastic and ethanol. We see hemp as the missing keystone to building a flourishing green economy.
This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: State
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Added on 05-05-2009
Updated on 05-05-2009

November 20, 2011 -- Kirk Hinkson

I believe the hemp has many uses and should be incorporated into the economy, for economic growth and stability. It can be an initiative that could diminish the huge deficit in corporate debt.