Florida Fair Trade Coalition

P.O. Box 3709
St. Petersburg, Florida 33731
United States
There is nothing inevitable about this type of global economy. It has occurred because of corporate and government decisions and it can be corrected by united citizen action. The Florida Fair Trade Coalition works to coordinate and build that citizen action by:

1. Increasing and networking the number of diverse voices in Florida advocating for fair trade, social justice, and environmental sanity, and uniting those voices: FFTC brings together labor, farm, farm worker, environmental, religious, retirees, and social justice organizations to share information, and strategy, and to coordinate efforts and action. FFTC works to bring new groups into the fray of fair trade supporters.

2. Ensuring that Congress approves trade agreements only if they contain comprehensive and fully enforceable protections for working people, the environment and democracy: As part of the national Citizens Trade Coalition, the Florida Fair Trade Coalition has been active in the fight against Fast Track trade negotiating authority, and will continue to advocate for just trade policy with regard to the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), expansion of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other corporate-model trade agreements currently under negotiation.

3. Educating policy makers and the public about the negative consequences and vast injustices of the type of globalization seen to date: FFTC communicates regularly with our state’s Congressional delegation and other elected officials on the local, national, and international effects of trade issues. We communicate with the public via the news media, and through direct interactions with citizens’ groups.

4. Building local solidarity against the injustices of today’s corporate-led global economy: The FFTC mobilizes organizations and individuals to respond to action requests from local workers and grassroots groups concerning injustices inflicted by transnational corporations.

The Florida Fair Trade Coalition will be educating and mobilizing in preparation for the FTAA Ministerial coming to Miami, Florida this fall. For more information or to get involved, please contact us at the information below.

The Florida Fair Trade Coalition
37 4th Street, North / St. Petersburg, FL 33731
Phone: (727) 896-8224
Fax: (727) 896-8222


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