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What is North Carolina Indymedia / NC-IMC?

The North Carolina Independent Media Center (NC-IMC) is an non-corporate, anti-authoritarian collective of North Carolina independent media makers and media outlets, and serves as the local organizing unit of the global Indymedia network.

NC-IMC Mission Statement

The North Carolina Independent Media Center is a network of activists that are committed to using media and journalism as a tool for promoting egalitarian change. As a collective, we will make all decisions through a consensus process and do our best at representing the diversity of our local communities. Though based in Chapel Hill, the NC-IMC will cover all related issues within North Carolina that are not being given adequate coverage by any other media. The North Carolina Independent Media Center will also work to network with existing independent media and publications that are committed to social and economic change throughout North Carolina. The NC-IMC will continually oppose hierarchy within its structure and the structure of the surrounding community. The North Carolina Indymedia Center advocates and promotes media democracy through free skill-share workshops and teach-ins, which are to be open for the benefit of all. Along with web publishing, we will also produce print resources and videos to spread the message amongst those who may not have access to on- line resources. The North Carolina Independent Media Center will actively oppose racism, homophobia, classism, sexism, and nationalism within our framework and within the framework of society. Since we are a regional media center, we will serve the cities and counties of our state by allowing them to have their own categories within our site and autonomy from the main IMC-working group, which is based in Chapel Hill, NC.

NC-IMC How to Join and How the CityRegion Features Work

NC-IMC is a regional IMC network, with a single web-site ( serving the whole state of North Carolina and the many groups of autonomous independent media activists in North Carolina. This is a network that maximizes autonomy through decentralization.

Chapel Hill (which is in the middle of the state and a half an hour drive from Raleigh, Durham, and Alamance) is currently a NC-IMC working group with a space and regular meetings. Other NC-IMC working-groups or liasons may form in other parts of the state. These working groups or liasons must abide by the NC-IMC editorialnewswire policy and Principles of UnityMission Statement. If they do, they are an official IMC working group or liason. They will be subscribed to the listserv to which all meeting minutes and proposals will be sent and we will try to meet with all other groups, if they form, face-to-face biannually to discuss the NC-IMC. Announcements for this meeting will be sent out over the nc-imc listserv. Proposals which effect the entire IMC should be approved over the internet with a one week wait for discussion. All other decisions should be made locally. Working groups and liasons have the ability to autonomously commuicate using the listservs, newswire policy, and editorial policy to help create front-page IMC features and regulate NC-IMC.

We are using our website to have on the left-bar a features column that sorts features by city and region. All posts will be on the NC-IMC main newswire, but a user from a particular city or region could just click on their city or region feature and get only their city/region-specific posts. The citiesregions currently will be "Alamance, Asheville, Boone, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh, Wilmington". For posts which don't fit into those sites, we also have the "International" and "Other RegionsCities" feature categories. Every post can be put in its proper geographical location, giving a more local autonomy to the regions within the NC-IMC. Once formed, a local working group or liason for the cityregion will be given the administrative ability to autonomously manage their own center column features. Until a local group or liason is formed for the cityregion, that feature will be managed by the nearest IMC working group or liason who agrees to manage that cityregion feature.

NC-IMC Principles of Unity

The North Carolina IMC:

Agrees in spirit to the IMC Mission Statement and Principles of Unity

has a committed membership substantial enough to sustain a functional IMC.

has open and public meetings (no one group can have exclusionary "ownership" of North Carolina IMC). Currently such meetings are once a week, although that is subject to change.

has a local Mission Statement and a Statement of Purpose.

has established and published an editorial policy which is developed and functions through democratic process, and with full transparency.

agrees to the use of open publishing as described in the IMC Editorial Policy, with the understanding that clarification of the terms and practice of open publishing is constantly evolving

has adopted a decision-making policy that is in alignment with consensus principles which include open, transparent and egalitarian processes,

has a spokesperson(s) willing and capable of participating in the global decision-making process and meetings as a rotating liason/ representative, with a clear understanding of the responsibilities that come with this role,

will participate in the key IMC Network Communication Methods that pertain to the health and vitality of the Network and that contribute to the work of the IMC. At least one person from the North Carolina IMC will participate at any given time on the IMC-Communications list,

has no official affiliation with any political party, state or candidate for office, although individual producers have freedom to do whatever they like and local IMCs can "feature" stories about various political parties and initiatives.

shall in no way engage in commercial for-profit enterprises and is committed to the decommercialization and decolonization of information and so will disassociate from any other IMC that decides to become a for profit media corporation.

will display a _local version_ of the IMC logo on our website and literature.

will include the IMC Network current Cities List on our site, preferably on the front page.

Get Involved

This is your independent media center. As an all-volunteer organization, we need you to get involved! Introduce yourself at our volunteer signup page and check our contact page for info on meetings and e-mail lists.
Remember that you can live anywhere in NC and still get involved!
This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: State
Added on 10-17-2004
Updated on 10-17-2004

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