World Bank Bonds Boycott Campus Organizing Guide

The World Bank, along with the International Monetary Fund, claims to help fight poverty by lending money to poor countries. In reality, they trap countries in a cycle of unpayable debt, and use the debt as leverage to impose a host of destructive policies, including:
* promoting sweatshop labor, by requiring minimum wage freezes or cuts, and funding "free trade zones" or maquiladoras.
* imposing user fees for education, which make school unaffordable for students from poor families.

The World Bank Bond Boycott campaign is an exciting way to fight this huge global institution through local organizing on your campus. The World Bank raises a majority of its funds by selling bonds on the bond market. The campaign entails getting your college or university to commit not to purchase World Bank bonds until the Bank makes fundamental changes in its destructive lending policies. It provides an opportunity for exciting coalition-building on your campus - getting students concerned about sweatshops and labor issues, or about gender justice, or about the environment, to work together.

We have two resources available to help you start a World Bank Bond Boycott campaign on your campus:

1. World Bank Bond Boycott student organizing guide: a 24-page booklet with fact sheets, resource lists, and step-by-step guidance on planning, starting, and winning a campus campaign.
(Available from the website, please click on link.)

2. World Bank Bond Boycott general organizing guide: a 93-page binder with fact sheets, resource lists, outreach materials for various sectors (such as faith communities and labor), and step-by-step guidance on planning, starting, and winning a campaign in your city, town, or campus.
($5 + $5 shipping and handling.)

To order the general organizing guide, or for more information about the campaign, please contact:
Katrina Abarcar or Basav Sen
(202) 393 6665

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